RigRite Basics

There are three types of diagrams in RigRight
  • Anchor - Calculate the loading on each anchor point of a two-point anchor system. This can be used for any situation where force is supported by two parts of a system. Useful for anchors, tripod legs, highlines and more.
  • Directional - Calculate the force on a redirect or tripod head.
  • Slope - Calculate the force on the mainline for a slope raise or lower.

Drag points around to match the situation you want to calculate.
You can use a photo to match the diagram to a real world situation.
Tap Set Photo to take a take a photo or choose one from your library.
You can show and hide the photo or replace it with another one.
Tap Set Force to set the force units and amount. Any units will work, try 2kN, 80kg, 100%, or even 6 cats!

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